Our ‘Beeld op de Rivieren’ study is published online!

2021-12-10 Gertie van den Bosch

Our ‘Beeld op de Rivieren’ study is published online!

In the ‘Beeld op de Rivieren’ (‘river perspectives’) we inventoried the various spatial claims and ambitions for the Netherlands rivers in a series of maps on different scale levels (whole river system, river branch and local). The study explores future ambitions, challenges, and transitions for a multitude of river functions such as: water management, shipping, water availability, ecology, urbanisation, economic development, spatial quality, cultural history, recreation and tourism. The identified opportunities are included in an integral river perspective for 2050 (with an outlook to 2100).

In this project we closely worked together with our clients; Integral River Management (IRM), Deltaprogram Maas, Deltaprogram Rijn, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations of Netherlands (BZK), as well as or multidisciplinary project partners WSP in The Netherlands and Wageningen University & Research.

Due to COVID we developed a digital stakeholder process that facilitated (digitally) sitting around a map and sketching the stakeholder’s input. By including the interests of a wide range of stakeholders such as nature organisations, municipalities, Rijkswaterstaat, water boards, provinces and recreational and mining extraction agencies, the developed maps represent an integral view on the river system. Of course, not all of the stakeholders ambitions are compatible; sometimes strategic (and ultimately administrative) choices have to be made when conflicting spatial claims lead to dilemmas. The ‘Beeld op de Rivieren’ will be used as a compass and will within IRM be one of the building blocks for the development of preferred alternatives.

For more information on the project and a download of the final report, you can click here.