Climate Adaption Strategy Rotterdam 2030

Programmakader Weerwoord 2030

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Climate Adaptive Rotterdam

Strategy and roadmap for heath, rainfall, sea level rise, subsidence, draught and groundwater

The city of Rotterdam is already an international show-case for climate-proof cities. The awareness of the climate impact on the city and the urgency to adapt is high on the agenda. Already many adaptation pilots were successfully implemented, the next step is to scale up and mainstream these measures.

Commissioned by the Municipality of Rotterdam, Defacto Urbanism will, together with Nelen&Schuurmans, the municipality, waterboards, drinking water suppliers, and housing corporations, develop the ‘Programmakader Weerwoord 2030′: the Rotterdam climate adaptation strategy for 2030. We focus on challenges related to subsidence, flooding, precipitation, heat, drought, and groundwater. Together with different stakeholder groups, we will develop a strategy and framework for implementing a wide range of climate adaptation measures.

Client: Municipality of Rotterdam

In cooperation with: Nelen & Schuurmans

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