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Defacto urban and landscape design

Our office connects urban and landscape design with contemporary challenges such as climate change, circularity, green cities and water management.


Regional planning
Urban design
Landscape architecture
Research by design

Climate adaptation
Flood risk
Mobility and transport
Nature Based Solutions
Ecology & green cities
Circular economy
Cultural heritage

Regional strategies
Urban- & landscape designs
Inspiring visions
Research by design
Publications & exhibitions
Presentations & lectures

International governments Foundations & NGO’s
National ministries
Regional governments
Research institutes

Our Vision

An innovative combination of research and design is a key factor in our work. We combine technical principles and research output with strong and inspiring urban and landscape designs and visualisations. We develop integral strategies to address societal and environmental challenges such as climate change, flood and disaster risk management, mobility and transport, circular economy, ecology, and rapid urbanisation. The involvement of multidisciplinary teams and stakeholders is essential in our design process which is based on context analyses and understanding.

Our recent projects

The office provides services from strategic development and research to public space design. Among our customers are many (inter)national governmental bodies and NGO’s. We work in close cooperation with other disciplines and experts to achieve integral, feasible strategies and designs. We are renown worldwide for our integrated projects in the domain of urban climate adaptation.

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Defacto Urbanism

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